Best Places to Trick or Treat Around Collierville

Best Places to Trick or Treat Around Collierville

Find the best candy in town at these neighborhoods in Collierville. Source: morgueFile

Do you have plans to trick or treat in Collierville with your kids, but aren’t sure where to start? There’s numerous neighborhoods that are safe for trick or treating, and your little ones are likely to wind up with a lot of great candy! Check out a few of these options:

  • Top Neighborhoods: Among Collierville’s top neighborhoods in terms of expense (and therefore the possibility of fabulous treats), Town Center, Bailey, Collierville Arlington Road, and White Road are a few of these popular places to find candy.
  • Neighborhood Subdivisions: Want to take the kids to some of Collierville’s subdivisions, such as nearby farms? Some of the best options include Cotton Plant Farm, Halle Plantation, Rosewood Plantation, Kirkland Estates, Polo Run, Whisperwoods, Almadale Farms and more.
  • Safety Tips: Safety tips for Halloween include knowing the route your children are taking, if you aren’t going with them. Give a cell phone to one of the trick-or-treaters to call if needed, or to have them check in. Make sure they are home before any town-wide curfew.

Enjoy Halloween this year with friends and family! For more lifestyle tips, please visit The Addison at Collierville community Facebook Page.

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